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9.08.1994 - 19.05.2001
(Samson Seth de Grifeu x Cyta Gemerske lucky)

Show titles:
Regional Winner
2x class winner

Branik cup y. 1996: 3. place (ZV1)
Meet of Ivana Tumova y. 1999: 3. place (IPO2)

ZM, OP1, ZVV1, IPO1, SchH1

Health tests:

He became a member of our family when he was seven weeks old. He was very clever. He passed exams on ZM, OP1, SchHA and on ZV1 at 2,5 years. Argo injured his cervical vertebrae and the problems that followed stopped our sporting activities. Despite of his health problems he passed the exam on IPO I and basic breeding registration with code 4A IIA. Argo passed breeding registration without training. Unfortunately his health problems increased and Argo had done in May 2001.