I always loved dobermanns. My first dobie was Argo ze Psoluky, he was a talented son of Samson Seth de Grifeu, and he taught me how to work and live with this beautiful animal with complicated character, a well-bred horse of dogs‘ world... Argo was very good in tracking, obedience & protection, he was very quick and hard while biting, unfortunately he broke his vertebral in the neck part and had to stop working...in May 2001 Argo had gone and I decided to buy a female & to start breeding this beautiful dogs and to try to improve their working abilities.

I chose for my breeding a nice very promising female from A-litter Halit Pasa, I liked also her litter mates...and now I can see I made a good choice. Alessandra had become a multi-winner before she was two and a half years, she is also really good in tracking, obedience & protection, she has passed plenty of exams, look at her page. Her litter mates are also fine in shows and work, especially Aramis Halit Pasa. She was mated once with Sergius Aleksandrija Rerikh. He is a strong, square male with stable and strong character. I wanted to keep the Prinz’ line but without "A" litter of del Citone, because Alessandra is a daughter of Gino Gomez del Citone. Unfortunately only three puppies managed to survive, but they are all extraordinary...the only female Amee at her 4 months is eager to track and bite, she loves retrieving and also killing toys and balls and her litter mates Archie and Axelus are promising too.

It seems that the combination of Graaf Quirinus and Prinz bloodlines brings the best in exterior and character. We are going to repeat this idea and breed Alessandra with some quality Italian stud male who is a descendant of Quirinus.

Our goal is to breed nice eye pleasing Dobermans with working abilities, to save the heritage of Prinz and his phenomenal progeny Ariel d´Amour and Gino Gomez . The Dobermans who would have the most wanted character traits-working drive, fighting spirit and balanced strong psychology. We concentrate our selection especially on tracking abilities, which are fortunately present in this bloodline.